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Located In Lakeview, Arkansas, One Mile From Bull Shoals Dam
Toll free: 1-888-262-0251

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Reservation Policies

Aunt Grace's Stay N Play Resort
6316 Highway 178
Lakeview, AR 72642-0062
Toll free 1-888-262-0251
Local: 870-431-5251
Email: auntgraces@suddenlinkmail.com
Our office hours are 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. 7 days a week.

Questions we are asked the most At Aunt Grace’s Stay ‘N Play Resort

Questions we are asked the most At Aunt Grace’s Stay ‘N Play Resort

Q: What’s your Pet Policy?
A: We encourage you to bring your furry faced well behaved friends. We have no size or weight limits and there is No Pet Deposit. We do ask that you tell us that you’re bringing your pet(s), since we want to make sure that they are as comfortable as you. As their pet guardian, we do expect you to know your pet meaning that if you need to crate them or leash them, please do so.

Since your pets will not be bringing their credit cards, any damages will be charged to yours. Also, please remember cleaning up after your pet is your responsibility. If you need more bags, just let us know. Of course, if you decide not to clean up after your pets, we’ll reluctantly do it and charge your card accordingly.

Any reptile, fish or pet that is considered a poisonous species is prohibited. Guests may not maintain exotic animals or livestock in the resort. Guests may not bring a rude, biting pet. Tail waggers are welcome.

Reports of excessive animal noise (such as a barking dog or loud bird) will be grounds for Aunt Grace to withdraw permission, after which you will have to remove the pet(s) from the resort immediately.

Pets may not be tethered or left unattended outside at any time. For their safety pets may not be in the pool area.
Pets may not be left alone in the cabins. There is a doggy day care just minutes away.

Q: What time is check-in? May we check-in early?
A: Since we’re in the neighborhood May we sit in the picnic area until check in?
Yes, you may enjoy the grounds, usually check-in is anytime after 3:00 P.M., Since our housekeepers must clean and prepare multiple cabins within a four hour window so that all guests receive a nice clean cabin, we do not usually allow early check-ins. If your cabin was empty the night before, you may be allowed to check in early. We will not know until your day of arrival.

Q: What time is check-out? May we check-out late?
A: Check-out is anytime before 11:00 A.M., We must clean and prepare multiple cabins and it would be unfair to us and to our other guests to allow a later check-out. As a result, check-out is anytime prior to 11:00 A.M. For every one-half hour after 11:00 A.M., we charge an additional one-half nights rent. Need to leave your boat here while you go to breakfast, that is fine. Want to leave a car here while you go for one more spin on the lake or get the last couple of fish from the White River, that is fine. We have lots of parking. It’s the cabin we need access to for refreshing it for the next guest.

Q: What is your smoking policy? Even though you say no smoking for all ROOMS on your website, in your brochures, in your advertisements, in your Cabin Rental Agreement/Policies, in your Frequently Asked Questions, and when we chat on the phone, do you really, really mean no-smoking?

A: We do NOT allow smoking inside rooms, ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING IN THESE CABINS! We charge a minimum of $150 cleaning fee if you decide to smoke inside these cabins. We DO allow smoking outside, each room has an ashtray on table by your door, also in pavilion or by the pool, fire pit. You may smoke anywhere outside. Ash trays are provided in the picnic areas and throughout the grounds. Please pick up your butts. The animals do not need to eat them!

Q: Why can’t my child who is six be at the pool alone?
A: We want children to be safe. No one under the age of 14 can be in the pool without an adult present. Rules and regulations have been established for the safety of all guests. But rules alone, no matter how long the list, are never a substitute for alert and engaged parenting. Child drowning can happen in a matter of seconds – in the time it takes to answer a phone call. Parents and Adults: Please watch your children at all times. NO ONE should ever swim alone, but Aunt Grace is really concerned about the safety of children. The pool is open 10 to 10 so that gives lots of time to play. Remember your sun screen and pool toys.

Q: Why can’t we bring our ATV or dirt bikes? Or shoot our firearms, BB/Pellet
guns, fireworks, etc?
A: Noise! Again, we’re in the relaxation business and what may be fun for one may be a nuisance to others, hence absolutely no ATV's, dirt bikes, discharging of firearms (unless it’s a life- threatening situation) including BB/Pellet guns, and fireworks.

Q: Do you accept one night rentals?
A: Yes, we accept one night rentals, for arrivals on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Usually no one night rentals on Weekends.

Q: What is the minimum age for reserving a cabin?
A: Twenty-three (23) years of age. Anyone under twenty-three years of age must be accompanied by an adult and the renting adult must occupy the cabin during the entire rental period. We have hosted a number of birthday parties. One brave parent had 8, 14 year old girls for a 2 day birthday party/sleep over.

Q: What do you consider a weekly rental? Do weekly rentals start on a
particular day, i.e. Sunday to Sunday, etc?

A: We consider a weekly rental to be six (6) nights. The start date is up to you and of course availability of our cabins.

Q: Will we encounter bugs, snakes, armadillos, blue tailed lizards, birds and other creatures in the Ozark mountains?
A: Yes, remember that you’re in the mountains and its nature and you’ll probably see or hear lots of Mother Nature. Also, remember most of the creatures are just as afraid of you as you are of them, so please try to leave them alone and maybe snap a few photos for your memories.

Q: Why don’t you have on-line reservations?
A: We really enjoy the interaction with folks, even the ones that choose not to stay with us. We also feel that if we’re not able to accommodate you, we have good relationships with other resorts in the area and can direct you to them.

Q: What happens if the electricity goes out?
A: The lights don’t work.

Q: When do you expect the leaves to change and the flowers to be out?
A: Since we’re not very good at predicting the best time to view the changes of the leaves we suggest going to the following websites, they have photos, touring ideas and much more.


Q: Why is your Cabin Rental Agreement, i.e. Policies so long?
A: Well, believe it or not, the Cabin Rental Agreement started out quite simple a few years ago, just a few lines of things to abide by. Unfortunately, due to a few folks that left their common sense at home or those even fewer folks that decided to take advantage of us, we’ve had to expand the Agreement to its current state. We hope that we’ve made the last revision to the Agreement, but who knows?

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